In this article, we are going to explore 6 Ways to Overcome Fatigue and Super Charge Your life. Many of us are walking around, day in and day out, in a perpetual daze and fatigue. We literally feel like there is a monkey on our back holding us down; not letting us lift off to enjoy our day, family, or friends in the most fulfilling way. And it is a constant struggle to drum up enough energy whether we are driving to work, hanging out with our loved ones, or even sitting at our desk.  We feel like we are in a permanent state of fatigue, tired and sleepy all the time. This can be very frustrating because we feel and want to enjoy life to its fullest without a constant drag.

Often our constant state of fatigue, being tired, is due to a lack of sleep, the quality of sleep, and/or the sleep environment. But there are many other possible factors that can contribute to perpetual sluggishness.  In this article, we are going to look at six different ways to combat and overcome fatigue, so that you can become an energetic, happy, recharged person who can accomplish more than ever and get your life back.

But before we dive in, we must address the fact that sometimes there are medical reasons and underlying health issues that will play an important role in keeping your energy levels low and may even directly affect your quality of sleep.  So, if fatigue has been constantly a part of your daily life for a long period of time, and there are no apparent explanations please see your doctor. They will be able to help you figure out the cause possibly through blood work, or a sleep study in order to help you manage it. 

 Here are a few conditions that can be tested for and acknowledged by your doctor.


Vitamin Deficiencies

Thyroid Disease


Depression and Anxiety

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sleep Apnea


    How Mental Exhaustion Affects the Whole Body 

    Another major factor that causes fatigue is mental exhaustion. While it is normal for us to associate tiredness with someone who has been standing up all day or doing some type of physical work. It is not normally associated with someone who may have a desk job or uses their mind on mental tasks.

    Not only does physical work affect your body, but mental exhaustion can also affect it as well.  Although our minds are immensely powerful, exhaustion can manifest it’s self not only in the physical form but also as sickness and disease. And can directly affect your ability to have a good night’s sleep. 

    Here are some symptoms of mental exhaustion: 

    Constant sleepiness

    Frequent headaches


    Impaired decision making

    Inability to concentrate and focus


    Loss of appetite

    Memory problems


    Muscle weakness

    Poor coordination

    Poor judgement

    Reduced immunity

    Slow reflexes

    Sore or aching muscles

    Unexplained dizziness



      Overcoming Mental Exhaustion

      Experiencing mental exhaustion is definitely not pleasant. You may think you are handling a task magnificently well only to find out afterward that your assessment was way off the mark. This can be extremely embarrassing if you are part of a team and others are expecting something from you, or if you have promised something to your family but you were unable to see it through because you just did not have the energy.

      So, the best way to overcome mental exhaustion is to prevent it in the first place. Here is a list of activities that will help keep you focused when it matters the most.

      Track how you spend your time

      Drop activities that do not produce real results

      Put everything in your calendar

      Exercise every day

      Eat right

      Stay hydrated

      Take regular breaks

      Rest your eyes

      Understand that it is ok to do nothing

      Take a vacation 


        Raise Your Physical and Mental Energy 

        So where do we start on this journey to wake up and restore the life that we once had. Fatigue has weight us down both physically and mentally, and now, we must make a conscious effort to get it back. Fortunately, these energy levels are more often than not intertwined, so by focusing on one the other will benefit as well. 

        There are many activities that one can do to raise their energy levels. And by making a decision to wake up, we can take control of our fatigue. You have already made that decision by coming along this far. So, as you continue to improve your quality of life add some of these effective activities to your daily plan.

        Develop a daily meditation practice

        Move your body every single day

        Keep a gratitude journal

        Find your energy music

        Play a game

        Start a yoga practice

        Drink water and eat chocolate 

          It might seem like these activities will take away from the time you need to spend on things you need to do. But the truth is, the more productive you are, the easier everything will be. Productivity does not mean that you need to take more time doing something. It means that you need to focus closely on what is at hand, and not what is to come. By taking breaks with these activities, you can help yourself become far more productive and reduce mental and physical exhaustion exponentially.


           Revitalizing Foods to Boost Your Energy All Day



          Sometimes life has its way of rushing us along, and over time, we get so use to it sweeping us away that we forget to do those things we know will help us the most. So along with making a decision to add effective activities to our lives, which will help us overcome exhaustion, we must add the proper nutrients that will fuel our day. By adding a balanced diet, you will add those nutrients needed to revive your energy levels.

          As you go about your day start to take notice of what you are eating. Start to look at food as fuel and pay attention to what type of fuel you are adding to your body. Is it junk? A low-grade unhealthy food with little to no nutrients that will only provide junk calories, which will quickly spike your energy level and crash you soon thereafter, or even worse, something that will go into storage and just make you fat.

          When there is a choice, choose something that is revitalizing, something that contains slow burning carbs and calories to boost your energy all day. Choose lighter foods over heavier foods, especially if you have any of those medical conditions mentioned above. Here is a short list of some foods that you can slowly add to your diet as you start to make better choices. 

          Brown rice

          Sweet potatoes







            Adding these foods to your day can make all the difference in the world to your energy levels. When you feel better, you will automatically feel more energetic. In addition to adding these foods to your daily diet, eliminate all processed food. Some people also see good results from eliminating dairy from their diets as it can be a cause of congestion, skin issues, and stomach issues for many adults. 



            How to Rest if You are an Insomniac

            Of course, the best way to relieve your mind and body of exhaustion is to get a good night's sleep. Many of the steps previously discussed will help you accomplish this, but still, there are some of us who will not be able to fall asleep. If you are an insomniac, you know this all too well. Staying up all night and only sleeping sporadically may cause serious health. So, seeking a sleep specialist is always the best course of action. You can discuss your symptoms with them, they may have your blood taken for a test, and depending on the results they will prescribe the help you need. But this is only a short-term solution, and in the long run, you would want to accomplish this in its most natural form.  

            Turn your bedroom into a Fortress 

            Your bedroom is your sanctuary within your castle, so make it as cozy as possible. Start with your bed, a bumpy lumpy bed is never an ideal place to sleep. Get the best most comfortable one that you can afford. Even a top-quality mattress pad would make a difference. Have good quality sheets and blankets, so you can wrap yourself in a feeling of comfort and security and of course warmth.  Invest in blackout shades for your windows or even get a sleeping mask. Studies have shown the darker the room the better the quality of sleep.  Perhaps get a white noise maker to muffle any unwanted sounds, such as traffic noise, animals or even water dripping. Make sure your thermostat is set property and their circulation in the room. Invest in wonderfully comfortable sleeping attire or sleep naked to avoid anything getting in the way of your comfort. 

            Turn off the lights and electronics 

            Studies have shown the darker the room the better the quality of sleep. If you are an insomniac this point is extremely important because just falling asleep is an obstacle, so anything that may hinder your ability to fall asleep should be eliminated. Studies have also shown that electronics and anything that transmits low level forms of energy can negatively affect your sleep.  So, turn off that cell phone, or at least move it away from your nightstand, turn off the TV and even the computer, while this may be one of the hardest things for insomniacs to do, it is particularly important for your health to disconnect. 

            Start a bedtime ritual 

            When creating a nightly ritual before going to sleep we must first set a true “bedtime.” Having a bedtime is extremely important when you are an insomniac. It helps your sub-conscious mind to develop an internal clock which will start shutting things down. This is vitally important because your thought process may interfere with the sleep process through stress anxiety and worrying. The subconscious mind which is not thought will help to overcome this.

            After bedtime is set, we can now start to figure out those things that place us in a comfortable situation. Activities with the intent to calm down and relax. We can take many of the suggestions that we have already covered such as meditation, soft slow stretching, a hot shower or bath, applying lotion and dressing for bed. There are many things we can add to or take away from our ritual before bed but whatever it is stay away from anything this starts to overload the mind. Stay away from anything that is upsetting scary or even too exciting used his time to read something uplifting and sweet. Maybe even snack on some foods that will help you sleep



             Colors and Scents That Add Pep to Your Step


            Scents (aromatherapy) and colors are great ways to set the mood when heading to bed and starting your bedtime routine at night, or energizing and revitalizing you when fighting fatigue during the day. When using scents use only high-quality essential oils. You can also find them in lotions and sprays but be careful because some people can be allergic to different scents. Find some that are right for you and add them to your day for a little boost.

            Some scents to add to your daily routine: 















              Colors are also known to be able to set the right mood. Try to find the right colors that will uplift your day. For example, violet, red, orange and yellow are known as energy and happy colors 



              How to Improve Your Energy by Staying Hydrated 

              If you have noticed water and hydration have been covered several times within this article, this is not by happenstance. Hydration and staying hydrated are essential to every other function in our life, only second to oxygen and breathing. I am sure you have heard many times before that you can go up to 30 days without food but only 3 days without water. This point alone should stress the importance of staying hydrated. Yet studies have shown that up to 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. No wonder we feel so sluggish, fatigued, sleepy, and have no energy.  This is very unhealthy, due to the fact that 60% of the human body is made up of water. Water affects every organ and function in our bodies in one way or the other. Not only will the lack of water make you sleepy it can cause dizziness, headaches, dry skin, sinus problems, brittle nails, and many other ailments both inside your body and out. 

              Here is a list of things we can do to help guarantee that we get enough water throughout the day: 

              Keep water handy

              Drink water before, during, and after a workout

              Add fruit to you water

              Add a pinch of Himalayan salt

              Avoid drinking sugary beverages

              Start and end your day with fruit infused water

              drink water with all your meals

                Follow these six steps and you will be well on your way to recharge in your body and overcoming fatigue.

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